Eszter Hajdú

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Eszter Hajdú is a film director, sociologist and professor based in Budapest and Lisbon. Prior to her career as a film director she worked as a journalist. Her first documentary film My Own Private, Tarnabod (2006) depicts homeless families who were given a chance to start over in the village of Tarnabod, 120km away from Budapest. The film won awards at Hungarian and international film festivals in 2006. Her more recent award winning film The Fidesz Jew, the mother with no sense of nation and mediation (2008) was the most provocative and most viewed documentary film in Hungary that year. The film depicts society in Hungary after the change of regime in 1989, in which a polarized political atmosphere has caused major splits between friends and even within families. The antagonizing parties turn to mediation techniques to try to achieve reconciliation. The premiere of her film Judgment in Hungary about the trial of the serial killers of Roma took place at the 26th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. The film won 19 international awards and was screened in 40 countries.