Hamze Bytyci

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Hamze Bytyci was born 1982 in Prizren/Kosovo and now lives and works in Berlin. His family moved to Germany in 1989. He took his very early first steps as an activist at the age of eight Christmas 1990 in the church asylum in Tübingen, where his family was fighting against their own deportation. He graduated from the acting school in Freiburg in 2005 and founded the association Amaro Drom (Our way). After a one-year engagement in Zürich he moved to Berlin in 2006, where he performs and stages at the Maxim Gorki Theater, Ballhaus Naunynstraße as well as at smaller theatres. He has been working as a freelance theater and media pedagogue at different schools in Berlin since 2007 and founded the association RomaTrial in 2012. He also leads among others the online Radio Corel and organizes international summer film schools under the label Balkan Onions. In 2012, he developed his own interactive performance format Hilton Room 437 in which he talks about social and political topics. He started studying documentary film at the self-organized film school filmArche Berlin in 2014 and is now organizing the first AKE DIKHEA? Festival of Romani Film.