Tomáš Kudrna
Czech Republic 2015
Original version with English subtitles


The “Květušín Experiment” is an attempt to show that Romani people can be educated as well as anyone, provided they are kept in an environment secluded from their family and culture. Ten-year-old Karolína Miesbauerová investigates the history of Květušín, the town in which her grandmother was schooled, and explores the awful moral complexities of forced assimilation in the name of equality.

Damian Le Bas


Tomáš Kudrna studied Cinematography and Film Direction at Prague’s Film Academy. His mainly political films have received many awards: ALL THAT GLITTERS (Best Political Film, Cinepolitica 2012, Grand Prix and the Trophy of the Festival, Cronograf 2011 and MDR Award for the Best East European Documentary Film, DOK Leipzig 2010).


Director  Tomáš Kudrna
Script  Tomáš Kudrna
Cinematography  Tomáš Kudrna
Editing  Evženie Brabcová
Production  Lenka Poláková, Czech Television

Friday, 18:45