Tomáš Kratochvíl
Czech Republic 2015
Original version with English subtitles


Why do we hate? Is it to feel superior? Is it to create our own identity? Do we hate out of fear – fear of the unknown?

These basic questions of our time are also the main questions writer and director Tomáš Kratochvíl explores in this exciting film by bravely confronting his parents’ and grandparents’ racist attitude. He takes his research a step further when he moves into a so-called “Gipsy ghetto” in the city of Ústí nad Labem. Confronting problems such as the extreme right, Neo-Nazis, hate crimes, structural racism, segregation, isolation, Roma emancipation and identity in Czech society this film succeeds in unfolding the reality that is there.

Eszter Hajdú


Tomáš Kratochvíl successfully completed Humanity Studies at Prague’s Charles University followed by one year of editing at the Film Academy in Prague. His film CZECHS AGAINST CZECHS received special acknowledgment at the IDFF Jihlava. For his latest film REFUGEES, he traveled to the border of Turkey and the Islamic State disguised as a refugee equipped with a hidden camera.



Director  Tomáš Kratochvíl
Script  Tomáš Kratochvíl
Cinematography  Tomáš Kratochvíl
Sound  Tomáš Kratochvíl
Editing  Tomáš Kratochvíl
Production  Filip Remunda, Vít Klusák


Saturday, 20:45