František Bikár, Richard Samko
Czech Republic 2015
Original version with English subtitles


This film made by two Roma filmmakers shows in a loving and sensitive way what it looks like when one chooses to overcome a tragedy. Said tragedy occurred in 2009 when two-year-old Natálka was hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown through her bedroom window by three Nazis. She nearly died from the severe burns that covered 90% of her body but her parents stayed strong and have more to say about the people who helped them than about the aggressors.

Jozef Banyák


František Bikár born in a Roma district, has devoted over fifteen years to Roma issues. He works for Romea TV and has shot hundreds of reports, news stories, and interviews. Successfully completing a media course organized by the University of Miami motivated him to work on his own films.


Richard Samko is reporter and moderator in Czech Television. He is dedicated to contributing to a better media image of Roma and motivating young Roma. He also moderates interviews for Romea TV and has cooperated on many documentary films.



Director  František Bikár, Richard Samko
Script  František Bikár, Richard Samko
Cinematography  František Bikár
Sound  František Bikár
Editing  František Bikár
Production  ROMEA TV & Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU)
Music  Živé kvety


Friday, 18:45