Kristóf Kovács
Hungary 2013
Original version with English subtitles


The mayor of a small Hungarian village Besence, whose 126 inhabitants are predominantly of Roma origin and unemployed, decides to build a tennis court for his townspeople. This historical fact is the vantage point for Kristóf Kovács marvelous fiction documentary. Of course, the title MEN WITH BALLS does not just apply to the tennis players but to the mayor who did not hesitate to fulfill his dream to positively influence the people in his town.

Jozef Banyák


Kristóf Kovács was born in Budapest/Hungary in 1974. He studied Cultural and Visual Anthropology at the University of Miskolc. He worked as a cultural anthropologist and conducted several types of research for his documentary films. He received the award as Best Documentary Director for his film FULL OF GREASE at the 39th Hungarian Film Week.



Director  Kristóf Kovács
Script  Kristóf Kovács
Cinematography  Dávid Szepesi
Sound  Rudolf Várhegyi
Editing  Annamária Batka
Music  Csaba Kalotás
Production  Judit Stalter


Friday, 20:45