Alexander Nanau
Romania 2014
Original version with English subtitles 


Alexander Nanau’s documentary about three children from Bucharest depicts the repercussions of century-old social exclusion and shows that which should not be ignored at the risk of fulfilling Roma stereotypes: loss of ethical principles, child neglect and drug abuse. But the young protagonists take fate into their own hands. Perhaps a fresh start is possible?

Hamze Bytyci


Alexander Nanau was born in Bucharest/Romania in 1979 and has lived in Germany since 1990. The German-Romanian director studied film at DFFB. TOTO AND HIS SISTERS was nominated for the European Film prize 2015 and received the Prix France Culture Cinéma prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.


Director  Alexander Nanau
Script  Alexander Nanau
Cinematography  Alexander Nanau, Mihai Marius Apopei, Alex Brendea
Sound  Florian Ardelean
Editing  George Cragg, Alexander Nanau, Mircea Olteanu
Music  Dan Parvu
Production  Carmen Harabagiu, Bianca Oana, Antony Root


Saturday, 16:00